What you do and how you do it determines whether you experience pain or not.

Your desk space, home office, or work station has the potential to help or hurt you.

Prolonged screen use and typing coupled with poor posture and improper desk organization can lead to joint pain, headaches, and numbness & tingling in the arms and legs. Ergonomics guides the design of your work station, customizing your desk space to your body to reduce risk of injury and improve productivity and comfort.

Dr. Ouellette Will Work With You or Your Organization to Reconfigure Your Work Space to Ensure a Safe and Sustainable Environment.

He is happy to assess your work or home office for injury risk and provide recommendations for desks, seating, lighting & audio, organizational & writing implements.


  • In-Person Consultation: Includes a thorough assessment of your work environment, with a detailed follow up including recommended changes and improvements.
  • Purveyor/Installation Service: If the client wishes to upgrade their existing desk space ecosystem, Dr. Ouellette will obtain and install the recommended products, the price dependent on the types of products needed and extent of installation difficulty. 
  • Speaking Engagements: Dr. Ouellette will provide on-site training & educational seminar services to your business or organization.

Office Ergonomics Business Inquiries

Feel free to reach out to Dr. Nick about his services as a Certified Office Ergonomics Evaluator (COEE)

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